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Why Us?

As a family run business, Duggan Painting & Decorating is entirely committed to a flexible, `hands on´ approach; paying the closest attention to your needs and always providing a professional service at competitive prices.



We are professional, reliable and trustworthy



We provide a high quality service



We will advise you on the best products to achieve your desired result



Our decorators are  highly skilled and professional with years of knowledge and experience within the painting and decorating profession.



We are trustworthy, reliable

Residential and Commercial decorators  since 1988


Duggan Painting and Decorating offers a truly professional approach for all commercial,industrial and residential projects.

We take great pride in our reputation for quality workmanship and take great pride in knowing that we leave quality work behind

With our specialist skills and expertise, our team have the dept and knowledge readily available to advise,execute and successfully complete each individual project.We believe in delivering only the highest standards of work

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